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Drew Schlotter, CFP®, CCFC Photo

Drew Schlotter, CFP®, CCFC


I am Drew Schlotter, CFP®, Founder of On Point Financial Planning. I love using my financial expertise to help clients live their best lives. Whether you’re a young doctor at the beginning of your practice or an experienced physician closing in on retirement, I want to help you along your journey to achieving your great life.

Prior to founding On Point FP, I worked at several financial planning firms ranging from a small fee-only firm where I focused on a handful of clients to a large fee-based multi-office firm where I supported 10 advisors serving almost one thousand households.

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a minor in Financial Planning. Between my sophomore and junior years, I took a 10-year sabbatical, serving in the U.S. Navy as an Intelligence Specialist, with a focus on Counter Terrorism. I spent five years stationed overseas in the United Kingdom supporting NATO operations, and then four years in San Diego as part of NSW Special Reconnaissance Team One with two deployments with SEAL Team Three.

I spend most of my free time with my wife, Samantha, my new baby girl, Tabitha and our giant dog, Comanche. I love spending time playing basketball, in the woods camping, mountain biking or driving over an off-road 4×4 trail.



Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC)

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