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Experience Comprehensive Financial Planning

And Get Your Life Back

Together, We’ll Work To Achieve The Life You Dream Of

In your profession, there’s little time left to spend on the complexities of your finances. That’s why at On Point FP, I focus on helping you achieve your goals while reducing stress when it comes to money.

What You Get:


Time - Spend time with the people and doing the things you love. Not worrying about finances.


Align all of your financial choices with your most important goals and deeply held values.


Ongoing monitoring of your financial health vital signs.


A guide to coordinate your financial life.


Confidence that you are best positioned to succeed even if markets are volatile.

Let's Get To Work

With your vision in mind, I provide the technical financial planning disciplines and guidance necessary to implement your objectives while reducing your stress. The goal is to leverage your wealth to help you live out the life and experiences you desire.

What is Included?

At On Point FP, I take a comprehensive approach to financial planning. As such, I feel it is important to address all aspects of your financial life. 

Areas include:
  • Financial planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning (including coordination with your CPA)
  • Estate Planning (including coordination with Estate Attorney)
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Flow Strategy
  • Debt Management (including student loans)
  • College Planning (reduce college costs & save for funding)
  • Much More.

The financial planning service brochure highlights ongoing work and a timeline in which it takes place. The topics and calendar will be adjusted depending on your lifestyle, milestones you encounter, etc. in order to keep your financial life plan on track.

Access the Brochure

Typical Areas of Focus

Financial Planning

Nurses, Medical Resident, Early-Career Physician, Mid-Career, and those nearing Retirement Transition. Annual fee billed in 12 monthly payments and may be canceled at any time  


RNs and CRNAs. Building for long-term goals while tackling current challenges like student loans, homebuying and life transitions.

Medical Residents

Focused on budgeting and student loan management. Prepare the foundation for your career.

Early-Career Physicians

Focused on cashflow strategies, student loan management, maximizing employer benefits, first-time homebuying. Establish successful habits.

Mid-Career Physicians

Focus on Building towards long-term goals, wealth accumulation, family financial planning, college planning, life transitions. Build for the future while living your best life today. 

Late-Career & Retirement Transition 

Focused on retirement planning, tax planning, designing your lifestyle in your work-optional years. Protect what you have built and reap the rewards of your hard work.

What Does It Cost?


At On Point FP, I feel effective financial planning must encompass all aspects of your financial life. Therefore, I use a retainer-like subscription that is all-inclusive, and covers all aspects of financial planning and investment management discussed about in "What is Included." This can range from $900 to $18,000 per year (or more for more complex situations).

Get Closer to Achieving Your Life Goals

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